Q: Is it possible to put so much mile in 5 months?

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I bought this car worth 1,000 dollars 2 days ago,the car currently has 214,000 miles,but recently i was checking the title wich its the original one and by surprise the car was registered in New jersey state by 05/2016 with 90,000 miles and i purchased it on11/26/2016 with 214,000 miles...

How is this possible what could have happened?

My car has 214000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there:

I doubt the vehicle was driven over 100,000 miles in less than a year. Most likely what happened is that the vehicle’s OD was not inspected by the DMV in New Jersey the first time and the owner ’altered’ the mileage either on purpose or by mistake.

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