Q: I just had my exhaust manifold looked over and two mechanics told me I had holes in the manifold

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I just got my SUV back from the mechanic yesterday he told me that my exhaust manifold gaskets needed to be changed in order to decrease the noise I had two other mechanics look at it before him and they told me I had holes in my manifold he told me yesterday that there were no holes in the manifold but when I got the vehicle back I still have the loud noise when you started from being cold that was the issue that I brought it in for he said it's not as long as it used to be but I am unhappy with the work I wanted noise gone my engine light has been on the whole time he told me that it must be the coil and change the wiring around. The code for engine is 4.around I have been wanting this noise to stop from the engine is he correct to tell me that I don't need a new manifold since it looks like after reading articles on your site that the engine light could be connected to the manifold and the manifold needs changing after all I don't understand why I cannot find somebody get the work

My car has 130000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The exhaust manifolds on this engine will warp and cause the exhaust manifold bolts to break off in the cylinder heads. The manifold will need to be removed and drill and tap out the broken bolts in the head. This can be only done with special angle drills and being very careful to not drill too deep into the cylinder head can damage cylinder head and would need to replace it. If broke bolt is not one of the ones that can be gotten to then the head will need to be removed to extract the broken bolts.

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