97 f150, 5.4l 4x4 will not move in any gear but when I sh...

97 f150, 5.4l 4x4 will not move in any gear but when I shift from park to drive/reverse I can hear the [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) tone change as if it has shifted but still no movement at all Mechanic's Assistant: How ...

97 f150, 5.4l 4x4 will not move in any gear but when I shift from park to drive/reverse I can hear the [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) tone change as if it has shifted but still no movement at all Mechanic's Assistant: How old is the [transmission](/topics-transmission-ford/)? Have you checked the [brake](/topics-brake-ford/) switch? Its the original transmission I am guessing. I've only had the truck for a year. No I haven't checked brake switch. Mechanic's Assistant: What year is your F150? 1997 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your F150 yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes. Just checked fluid and made sure everything is connected. Don't want to just jump into it without an idea of what to look for Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Not that I can think of

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Hi there I will do all I can to help. If the fluid is good try to shift to a low gear manuall usually is all the way down on the shifter and see if the truck moves. If nothing is happening, try to have it in D and rev the truck at a steady 2000 rpm.
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sometimes the transmission will kick into gear this way, unfortunately, if the fluid level is good, and you have checked it while the transmission is hot. And the transmission is not moving or going into gear then most likely the transmission has failed internally and will need to be replaced or rebuilt.

Tried all that and yes still nothing at all..
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Ok then yes unfortunately your transmission has internal issues and will be in need of a rebuild or replacement.

I h a very a 4r100 but the bell housing bolt holes don't line up. Can I take everything out of it and put it all in my e40d trannie?

I paid money to talk to you one time really??! U can just refund my money cuz I didn't get helped at all
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I am still here, sorry for the delay we are in a different timezone. I will look into this. give me a few minutes.

Oh alright.. i didn't know how this worked im sorry
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No problem, the e40d to 4r100 swap has been done before, but I cannot find any information on it being done on gas engines. As far as I know, the 4r100 should bolt up to a diesel truck with the e40d. It has been done on diesel vehicles often, and what is done is the front pump is removed and a lockup valve is installed. The range sensor is swapped as well. I don't recommend doing this on a gas engine as I don't think it will fit the 5.4. I will open this question up to other experts that might be able to help you further.
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Hello, I see you opted the last expert out, did you need more help with this repair?
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Ok, how can I help you. You started off with a transmission question and shifted into putting a different unit in it? What do you need help with?
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I need to know what else you need help with to offer more assistance.

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