Code comes on in trans..its a fresh rebuild and it's sayi...

Code comes on in trans..its a fresh rebuild and it's saying 2-3 shift silonod but also my pnrd is not working correctly could this throw a code and cuz the trans not to shift properly Mechanic's Assistant: How old is the t...

Code comes on in trans..its a fresh rebuild and it's saying 2-3 shift silonod but also my pnrd is not working correctly could this throw a code and cuz the trans not to shift properly Mechanic's Assistant: How old is the transmission? Have you noticed any leaking? About 2 weeks old I have a leak from the trans cooler I just ordered new lines for this the shift problem just happen yesterday Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? The trans is a 4l60e in a 2002 chevy Silverado ls 4x4 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far? Looked at it in disgust...i just rebuilt the whole thang even the value body and the electrical besides the harness in side is the only used part Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? The truth

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I have a few questions for you so I can have a little background. 1. Why did you have to rebuild this unit originally? 2. What all did you find wrong when you took it apart? 3. Where there any special parts used when you rebuilt it like a shift kit, Zpack? 4. Where did you get your parts from to rebuild this unit?

I had thought the 3 to 4 shift clutches went out because I told a trailer that was way over the limit supposed to handle so I had ordered a whole master rebuild kit from transaxle Stage 5 and valve body rebuild kit that was a shift kit. when I go to take the transmission out I've noticed that it was only by 3 to 4 shift solenoid had disconnected itself from the wiring harness but I already bought all the parts so I want to go rebuilt transmission aside from the shift kit that I order from transaxle I ordered Sun Gear planetary set anything that I thought may have been wrong with the transmission cuz I didn't want to sit with downtime and wait for more parts to come I had assembled transmission and immediately had a problem with it because the 3 to 4 had catastrophic failure immediately after the rebuild installer error so I just stuck to normal 3 to 4 clutches in and reassemble the transmission and it had work fine no problems since I put it in two weeks ago until yesterday shifted smooth what do the gears no problem I can't tell you what a z-pack is I've said no I didn't stick one in I ordered 90% of the parts online so from transaxle and the rest off of eBay they do use the videos from the people that I ordered from and off of YouTube from a guy that done a complete rebuild piece-by-piece part by part feels like transmission bench or something like that and I am also not a certified Transmission mechanicthe only special part that I guess I could say that I stuck in where the the shift kit and the Beast cage but I didn't stick it back in when I reassemble that once I start the normal 3 to 4 clutches inI didn't have to rebuild it I guess I could just plug for 3 to 4 cylinder head back in and go I thought maybe the clutch is or something or burnt out but everything was absolutely fine inside the transmission the originalSolenoid not cylinder head
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You will have to forgive me, but it is kinda hard for me to fully understand what you just sent. So let me try to clarify a few things. 1. Did you have to rebuild this unit twice? 2. you said you got a beast shell for it, did you leave it in the second time you went through this unit. or did you put the original one back in it the second time through?

I had to rebuild it twice because I stuck the aggressive 3 to 4 clutches in and I guess they were One Direction clutches and I guess I stuck them in backwards because like most guys I didn't read the instructions and it had catastrophic failure fast forward gear in neutral and reverse so I had to take it apart and rebuild it again and stick in 3 to 4 clutches that where OEM and I had left the Beast shell out the 2nd Time Around and used a stock one
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I would have left the beast shell in. It is much stronger then a stock shell, that are know to break or strip out. But back to the problem as of now. Do you know what the code is so I can look it up?

P0758 I had uesd the fixed one plugin reader and said 2-3 shift solenoid but when I stuck the transmission in the second time the park neutral reverse gear selector didn't go on so easy so I'm sure that the park neutral reverse gear selector indicator got messed up cuz sometimes when you're in drive it indicates you're in neutral and I'm not sure if that's throwing the code or if the dependables selector if that would even have anything to do with the solenoids not working properly cuz I even put brand new solenoid everything was new except for the wiring harness

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That is what it said im sorry p0756
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If the gear selector switch is telling the computer it is in neutral when it is in drive, then yes the gear selector switch can cause the shift solenoid code. You will have to replace the gear selector switch first, and see if the other code\codes go away and do not reset when the codes ore cleared. There may still be a problem with the solenoid, but the switch should correct the problem.

Thank you I was hoping that it was a selector switch I'm hoping it's not the solenoid but that will change the solenoid if it isn't too selector switch I guess but I'll try that one first Google did not give a clear answer has to wear the problem may be I didn't want to tear into the transmission once again I will change out the selector and see if that was the problem do I need to reset anything on the truck like when you reset it for the oil light to go off after you change the oil or will the code light go off on its own if the problem is corrected without me resetting itthank you again for your time and your help now time to go underneath the truck thank you have a good rest of your evening and goodnight
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You are very welcome. You have a good night as well.

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