I just received a phone call from a mechanic and wanted t...

I just received a phone call from a mechanic and wanted to discuss the findings ...

I just received a phone call from a mechanic and wanted to discuss the findings

I took my truck in because I heard a knocking sound and because it almost stalled out on me. The mechanic ruled out the lifter and valve springs. They say it’s the timing chain. They said the plastic pieces are gone and the chain is loose. They said this is what’s causing the misfire noise. They also noticed shiny metal on the cam shaft and said that means it’s grinding metal and that it will need to be replaced. They also said the phasers need to be changed...I’m concerned that once I approve this with they can’t 100% tell me if the engine is okay until they remove the oil pan on the bottom of the engine to check for grinded metal ...they say my oil is clean but I’m concerned because I don’t know what to doMy dad says if it’s gonna cost $2800 for this work then I might as well replace the engine but I’m not even sure if this work has anything to do with engine or if it’s separate stuff
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Hello - my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* the mechanic is correct about the camshaft lobe - unlubricated lifter or rocker pivot to cam lobe (sorry, don't know if ohv or ohc engine - not stated - the chain is not the underlying cause of that damage - that is from an oiling problem - plus - the metal that is coming off the camshaft, will displace throughout the engine and may damage your crankshaft bearings - look into a used engine - it seems the mechanic is replacing parts, but not identifying the cause of the failure

Hi, what dies ohv/ohc mean?Oiling problem...is that because of oil changes?
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Overhead cam or overhead valve - oiling issue isn't from the oil itself - the oil isn't making it to the valvetrain for proper lubrication - this will cause metal to metal engine wear (shiny cam lobes)

Oh...okay. I’m not sure which one I have either. I appreciate your explanation. If I were to buy a used engine will that include all these parts that they mentioned I need?
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Used engines are typically complete - intake to oil pan - this will cover all the components that have failedWhat vehicle is it? Year? Model? Engine? I can tell you what you have

I have a 2009 f-150 5.4 l v8 engine and just called a company called powersource and they said one will cost $3199Hopefully it’s the right one...They’re describing it as a 3v triton
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Overhead cam - they have bad issues with the VVT system - especially the cam phasers locking up - better to replace the engine with a good used one

Thank you for helping me navigate this...this company says it’s remanufactured with new cam phasers and solenoids sp?They said they remachine the cam to fix the problem...which they said is too much oil clearance
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That's good, they are modifying the inherent problems in the engine - they probably give some kind of warranty also

they said it’s a 3 year 100,000 warranty...now I just need someone to install it lol

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