Q: After an Auto shop repaired my 2002 monte carlo ls 3.4L exaust manifold gasket and a tune up, ever since car hasnt been running?

asked by on April 17, 2017

After an Auto shop repaired my 2002 monte carlo ls 3.4L exaust manifold gasket and a tune up, my car hasnt been running. The shop i went to was shady to begin with the mechanic didnt start working on car until 2 hours once all staff showed up. It was a Hispanic auto repair business so during the entire time the one guy was struggling to fix exaust manifold i couldnt understand the conversation. But what I did know was he had to keep getting help and waited to even start working until the staff showed up then they all circled around him for an hour helping him fix it. After i paid 487.00 for repair and 188.00 fpr tune up. The car wouldnt drive above around 40 mph. And biggest problem overheating. Couldnt keep pouring coolant and water in vehicle long enough was leaking out. Had to pull car over into parking lot cause car got so hot engine warning cut off car. Ever since the shop so called repaired my car it hasnt been running or left my garage. Please help! What is wrong?

My car has 117000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. Unfortunately your situation is going to require a second mechanic to inspect the vehicle. The biggest issue concerns the "tune up", as we do not know exactly what they did during that process. Tune ups can vary by the place you live, what they include in the service, and how good the work really is. It sounds as if you are experiencing a misfire of some kind, that is robbing the vehicle of power. If the changed the spark plugs, this may be the cause. An exhaust leak from that attempted repair may also rob the engine of power, and mess with the vehicle’s electronics that regulate the engine. A mechanic’s mission is to leave the car better than it was brought in, and you are very likely entitled to a refund. You may need to seek legal council depending on the original shop’s behavior. However without a breakdown of the exact procedures they did, its difficult to say what the issue may be. For an inspection and help with getting the vehicle back on the road, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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