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20 years


by Marisa from Denver, CO 80214

Ok so I been to numerous mechanics and they would claim to fix it but it would still have the same problems. Robert came today and told me exactly what is wrong and it makes so much sense because my sister hit my fuel tank with her car and I now need a fuel tank replacement. I thought my car was ok because it had only a scratch but obviously not. Thank you so much your mechanic for getting me in touch with Robert great service!!!


by Colleen from Denver, CO 80247

Robert was fantastic!! He didn't mind me asking questions and he fully explained what he was doing and what issues he saw with my car. He really took his time addressing all my concerns. I would HIGHLY recommend Robert!

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31 years




by Galen from Englewood, CO 80110

On time

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16 years




by Charles from Littleton, CO 80130

Even though i was not there for the appointment the people who were there said he was professional, quick, and he fixed the problem. I will definitely use your mechanic and ask for Wesley again.


by Christopher from Denver, CO 80229

My experience today with Wes was very positive. He called me 30 minutes prior to my appointment to advise he was collecting the parts and then on his way to my home. He arrived for the appointment and introduced himself and then immediately jumped in to the work. I contracted him to repair a mirror on my car and replace my rear brake pads, which I had been informed by the mechanics at my usual oil place were in need of replacing. Now he could not repair my mirror; this is not his fault and I was aware of this prior to his arrival. The YourMechanic central office had called me yesterday, and followed up with me today, to advise that the only supplier of the mirror was the authorized Saturn dealership and they have ordered the part but that arrival is expected for this Thursday/Friday. Therefore I find no fault here as parts issues are outside their control (more so because I scheduled this appointment on Saturday). Regarding the brakes, shortly after taking off my tires Wes noted something important and had me come look, comparing the replacement brake pads with the existing ones. He advised that my rear brakes were easily at 50% life not the 30% or less that my oil guys claimed! So I asked him to check the front pads please in case they had meant that THOSE were what were in need of replacement. He put things back, checked the front, and then called me again. Handed back the keys and advised my front pads were in better shape than the rear! His honesty was refreshing & appreciated, his demeanor was professional, and the service as a result was exactly what I want from any service, auto or otherwise. He'll be back on Friday once my replacement mirror has arrived. I look forward to working with him again and I will likely continue to use YourMechanic and recommend it to friends who do not already have a preferred mechanic.

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12 years


by Craig from Arvada, CO 80005

Good communication. He was waiting on a part to be delivered and let us know so we weren't waiting around wondering where he was. Work was quick and clean.




by Elbert from Clackamas, OR 97015

Very timely and totally professional. Friendly, well spoken and knowledgeable giving expert advice.

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11 years




by Stephanie from Englewood, CO 80112

Patient and knowledgeable. Just a fantastic experience. Thanks Hugh!

(95 Reviews)
17 years


by J. from Denver, CO 80219

Very knowledgeable mechanic

(16 Reviews)
37 years


Brakes, Steering and Suspension System


by Steven from Englewood, CO 80113

Nice man. Knowledgeable and very honest.

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Answers to common Saturn questions

My car is overheating.
Answered by Andrew
Sometimes when the water has been drained out of the engine it will take a while to get the air trapped out of the system. You will need to do the following things. First, I would take the upper radiator...
Key won't turn in 2003 Saturn L200
Answered by Evan
This is a very common problem with the type of vehicle you have. If your ignition key looks worn down at all the key will need to be replaced. On some occasions the lock cylinder will need to be replaced...
Car making whining noise and leaking power steering fluid.
Answered by Evan
A whining noise while turning the wheel could certainly be caused by low power steering fluid. Air being sucked through the power steering pump is what causes the whining noise. I would suggest that you ask for help from a...
Warning chime sounding for no apparent reason.
Answered by Andrew
It sounds like the door sensor could be bad. I would have a technician look at it to determine if it is bad. Another problem could be the ignition switch. There is a common problem with the ignition switch causing...

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