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How much does Ford Squire repair and maintenance cost?

The cost depends on your car, the type of service, and where you live. Here are estimates for a selection of Ford Squire services.

Service Estimate Dealer Estimate Your Savings Location
Service type Oil Change for 1960 Ford Squire L4-1.2L Estimate $102 Dealer Estimate $159 Savings 35.91% Location Denver, CO
Service type Differential/Gear Oil Replacement for 1960 Ford Squire L4-1.2L Estimate $84 Dealer Estimate $124 Savings 31.99% Location Denver, CO

Fast and easy Ford Squire services at your home or office.

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Backed by 12-month, 12,000-mile guarantee

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223 Reviews; 36 years of experience
Chet went above and beyond with what was expected. He is a true expert in this field and delivered advice on used car purchase not only on the car he was inspecting but provided me with other useful advice for my hunt for used car. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.
San Diego, CA
October 11
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23 Reviews; 13 years of experience
Daniel came out to replace the battery in my Escort that wouldn't start. Not only was he prompt and expedient, he also went above and beyond to make sure that the battery was the only issue keeping the car from starting. I would strongly recommend his services as well as the entire YourMechanic service with absolutely no hesitation.
Bethel Park, PA
April 10
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3 Reviews; 16 years of experience
Excellent and fast! He gets a quality job done well.
Santa Clara, CA
November 24
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Fast and easy Ford Squire services at your home or office.

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Answers to common Ford Squire questions

Q: Starting problems with my car.
Answered by Rocco
It can be a very scary experience to not have your car start! However without more information, it can be very difficult to narrow down the problem to one issue. Let us start with some of the more common reasons...
Q: Do i have to keep on all 4 converters on the exhaust?
Answered by Robert
Hello. There are a few things you can do depending on your local emissions regulations. Most do not allow you to modify the converter configuration. You need to check with local authorities first. The best way to do this though...
Q: Right front brake pads worn more than left ones
Answered by Scotty
You've got a Mustang ( You're probably driving and braking pretty fast. The right brakes, on most people's cars always wear out ( faster than the left ones. This is because when you are driving fast, and when you make...
Q: Car floods and dies after installing new carburetor
Answered by Mia
A carburetor may flood if dirt enters the needle valve and prevents it from closing. It may also flood if the float is set too high, or it develops a leak and sinks. Finally, flooding can occur due to excessive...

Fast and easy Ford Squire services at your home or office.

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Backed by 12-month, 12,000-mile guarantee

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Ben was great. He arrived early, completed the work quickly & cleanly, and was quite amiable. I didn't have to leave my home and got the maintenance completely with ease - 5 stars.

Jason is knowledgable, reliable and friendly person. He took his time to explain things about my car. I highly recommend YourMechanic and Jason's service.

Paul did a good job fixing my car quickly. He also got a accurate diagnostic of my car's isues.

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