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How much does Ford Country Sedan repair and maintenance cost?

The cost depends on your car, the type of service, and where you live. Here are estimates for a selection of Ford Country Sedan services.

Service Estimate Savings Dealer Estimate Location
Service type Control Arm Assembly - Rear Upper Left Replacement for 1967 Ford Country Sedan L6-3.3L Estimate $268 Savings 42.74% Dealer Estimate $469 Location San Francisco, CA
Service type Brake Caliper - Passenger Side Rear Replacement for 1965 Ford Country Sedan L6-3.9L Estimate $292 Savings 38.48% Dealer Estimate $475 Location Milwaukee, WI
Service type Wheel Bearings - Driver Side Rear Replacement for 1961 Ford Country Sedan L6-2.8L Estimate $345 Savings 44.91% Dealer Estimate $626 Location Union, KY
Service type Brake Pads - Front Replacement for 1970 Ford Country Sedan L6-3.9L Estimate $196 Savings 35.65% Dealer Estimate $304 Location Paterson, NJ
Service type Car Battery Replacement for 1965 Ford Country Sedan L6-2.8L Estimate $254 Savings 44.24% Dealer Estimate $455 Location Spokane, WA
Service type Door Lock Actuator - Rear Hatch/Trunk Replacement for 1971 Ford Country Sedan L6-4.1L Estimate $251 Savings 40.88% Dealer Estimate $425 Location Pasadena, CA
Service type Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoid Replacement for 1963 Ford Country Sedan V8-4.7L Estimate $245 Savings 41.15% Dealer Estimate $417 Location Greensboro, NC
Service type Brake Rotor/Disc - Front Replacement for 1964 Ford Country Sedan V8-5.8L Estimate $442 Savings 40.59% Dealer Estimate $744 Location Grand Prairie, TX

Fast and easy Ford Country Sedan services at your home or office.

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Answers to common Ford Country Sedan questions

can a passenger assist handle be installed on the A pillar like on the 2012 explorer xlt?
Answered by Richard
It may be possible to mount the grab handle on the a pillar, however, it would require modification to the a pillar panel, and welding a nut to the 'A' pillar for the handle to attach to. This is not...
Engines I can easily put in a 1966 mustang
Answered by Tim
Hi Griffin. Your 66 Mustang was built to handle a small block V-8 Ford. The size of the small block Ford's 289, 302 and 351 are identical. They gain cubic inches by having larger bore and stroke in the combustion...
Electronic problem?
Answered by Rocco
It appears that you may be talking about the starter solenoid. It's always a good idea to double check your connections and be sure the wires are where they should be and the connections are secure. It is also possible...
My '65 F-100 lurches only when driven slowly.
Answered by Marvin
Hi there. The symptoms that you are describing lead to the accelerator pump in the carburetor not pumping correctly at low rpm's and low speeds. Try adjusting the carburetor settings to be 100 rpm's higher and turn in the fuel...

Fast and easy Ford Country Sedan services at your home or office.

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