Veteran and Military Driver Laws in All States

Veteran and Military Driver Laws in All States main image

In the United States, active and retired military personnel are held in high regard. Because of their dedicated service, most states provide benefits to active-duty military personnel and veterans.

Aside from those actively serving in the armed forces, it’s important for the family members of military forces members to be aware of the laws and benefits provided. These perks can include:

  • A waiver of driver licensing fees
  • An exemption from registration fees and licensing taxes while deployed
  • Military honor plates for various divisions
  • Veteran license plates free of charge

While each state sets their own benefits for armed forces personnel, one notable perk is provided nationwide. As of 2011, it’s now easier for military personnel to get their Commercial Driver’s License. With two years of applicable driving experience and within one year of discharge, applicants for the Commercial Learner’s Permit can skip the skills test usually required to get the license, although the written test is still required.

As well, CDL applicants can more readily receive their license even when they are stationed away from their home state thanks to the Military Commercial Driver’s License Act of 2012.

Regardless of where you live or are stationed, each state provides benefits for military personnel. You can find state-specific veteran and military driver laws here:

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