Veteran and Military Driver Laws and Benefits in Nevada

The state of Nevada offers a number of benefits and perks for those Americans who have either served in an Armed Forces branch in the past, or are current active military members.

License and registration tax and fee exemption

There are many veteran tax exemptions in Nevada, with veterans eligible for full or partial tax exemptions based on their service dates. In order to qualify, veterans must present form DD-214 or discharge papers at their local County Assessor office to determine exemption. Disabled veterans are granted a partial exemption based on their level of disability. Any exemption dollars can be instead designated to support Nevada Veteran’s Homes, or could be transferred to the spouse of the veteran with proof of marriage.

It’s important to note that these registration tax exemptions do not reduce sales tax liability on any vehicle purchases or registration renewals. Learn more about the various exemptions available for veterans here.

Driver’s license veteran designation

Veterans with an honorable discharge may have a Veteran designation placed on their license. You can obtain this designation by presenting proof of your honorable discharge at any local DMV office, along with a copy of your DD-214 from or any other evidence of your honorable discharge.

If you are only obtaining the designation outside of a standard renewal period, there will be a fee of $9.25 for a non-commercial license or ID card or $13.25 for a commercial license. If you request the designation as part of your standard renewal process, there is no additional charge. Mailing a renewal can also be completed by mailing a copy of your honorable discharge paper to the Nevada DMV.

Military honor plates

Any veteran or his or her spouse, parent or child may purchase a veteran license plate after signing the qualification form here.

Available military plate designs:

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Army Airborne
  • Marines
  • Navy
  • Navy Seabees
  • Air Force National Guard
  • Army National Guard
  • Woman Veteran
  • Congressional Medal of Honor
  • Ex-Prisoner of War
  • Fallen Military
  • Gold Star
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • Purple Heart
  • National Guard (Active)

Initial costs for a veteran plate with a standard number is $61 plus a Prison Industry fee of $0.50 per plate. Annual renewal fee is $30. Personalized versions are also available at $97 per plate, with the same Prison Industry fee of $0.50 per plate, with an annual renewal of $50. However, $25 of the initial fee and $20 of the ongoing fee are used to support program outreach for veterans and their families.

Veterans may also receive decals for their plates for the following unit logos: Army Airborne, Navy Seabees as well as Air Force and Army decals for application on a National Guard Plate. Motorcycle plates for Army Airborne and Navy Seabees must be custom-ordered. Proof of service on form DD-214 or your service record as well as the Veteran License Plate Application must be completed in order to obtain a veteran license plate.

Driver license renewals

Active duty military members or members of the U.S. government or their spouse or dependent may request a renewal by mail as long as the following qualifications are met:

  • Your legal state of residence is Nevada.

  • You have an out-of-state mailing address.

  • Your license or driving privilege is not suspended, revoked, canceled or denied in any state.

  • Your license is not a commercial driver license.

  • Your license is current or has been expired for less than two (2) years.

You will need to complete form DMC 204, application for Nevada Driver’s License by Mail, and include your most recent Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), a check, money order or credit card authorization, as well as a DMV 22 change of address form (if needed). Once these items are accepted, the DMV will mail your new license provided they have a current photograph on file.

Those who were recently discharged from the military or normal members on reserve duty follow the same requirements as all other residents of Nevada in regards to applying for and renewing their driver’s license. Individuals who are not permanent Nevada residents but who are currently stationed in Nevada for military are subject to the same terms and conditions as Nevada non-military individuals.

Active or veteran military personnel who wish to find out more about veteran and military driver laws and benefits in Nevada can consult the state’s motor vehicle division website here. You can also get more information about the Nevada Veterans’ Safe Driving Initiative, which includes information such as driving with medical conditions, motorcycle safety and the importance of child safety seats here.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details

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