Q: huge oil leak honda accord

asked by on January 14, 2017

I have a 2000 honda accord 2.3l. My father and i replaced the heads since it was a blown head. There was a small oil leak in the rear drivers side of the head gasket area. We hoped that replacing the heads will fix this issue as well. The car runs fine and smooth. But is leaking oild bad at the same spot. We thought the head gasket mighy be upside down or damaged when putting the head on. We now have the head off and it looks fine. Any suggestions cant fogure it out.

My car has 166000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The flatness of the block (and heads EVEN if they are "new") has to be measured. If the block was warped, that is if the block is not perfectly flat across the entire surface to within .002 inches, the assembly will leak. To check for flatness, a high precision Machinist’s straight edge is used, typically 18 inches long. It is also possible that the block has a crack at that spot and that can be tested using standard techniques. If you find that the block and heads are perfectly flat, and there is no crack, and you are going to try another head gasket, be sure the head gasket sealing surface on the block is polished to a mirror like finish and of course the head as well. And, of course, the EXACT tightening sequence for the head (use ONLY new head bolts) must be followed as well as all of the other specifications set out in the Factory Service Manual. If you need assistance with these steps, or are unsuccessful at any stage, feel free to request that YourMechanic dispatch a certified Mechanic to assist you.

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