How to Register a Car in New Mexico

There is a lot of excitement that comes with moving to a new area. When settling into your new life in New Mexico, you will have to make sure you are doing all you can to comply with all laws. Having your car registered with the New Mexico MVD is important. You will have 30 days after becoming a resident to get your car registered before you are subjected to a fine for being late. You will have to go in person to the MVD in order to get your vehicle registered with the state. Before you go into get this process handled, here are some things that you will have to take with you:

  • The title to your vehicle
  • Your completed Application for Vehicle Title and Registration
  • Proof of car insurance
  • Your driver’s license
  • Emissions Certificate of Inspection
  • Documents such as bills that prove you are a New Mexico resident

For those New Mexico residents that are purchasing a car from a dealership, the registration process will likely be handled by the lot the purchase was made from. You will have to make sure that you get all of the documentation from the registration to get a license plate for the car.

If the car in question has been purchased from a private seller, then you will be responsible for getting it registered. The following things will be needed to get this car the registration that it needs:

  • The completed Application for Vehicle Title and Registration
  • The title of the vehicle with your name on it
  • Proof that you have insurance on the vehicle
  • Your driver’s license
  • Proof that you are a resident
  • The lien holder documents if applicable

Here are the registration fees that you can expect to pay during this process:

  • Passenger vehicles that are registered for one year will be $27 to $62
  • Passenger vehicles that will be registered for two years will be $54 to $124
  • If you take longer than 30 days to get your car registered, you will be fined $10

You will need to get your car inspected in order to get it registered in the state of New Mexico. If you have any further questions regarding this process, then be sure to visit the New Mexico DMV website.

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