Q: When I try to start it, it cranks slowly as in cranks like dead battery but then cranks just fine but won't start

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When I first bought this 97 Tahoe, it had issues with the battery staying charged or starting. So I bought a new battery and it didn't help. So next I bought a new starter and alternator both and replaced them. It then started and ran but it still had a hard time with slow starting. Now it's to where it will crank with the same hesitation but won't fire. I had fuel pressure tested it's good and I'm getting good spark. I'm thinking it may be crankshaft positioning sensor but not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

My car has 175000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, and thank you for writing in. To begin there may be issues with the wiring, position of the starter, a faulty starter, or an issue with the timing. However start with the simplest options and work you way up in complication. With replacement starters, it is often required to add a shim to the mount in order to align the starter correctly. If the gears are misaligned, or not making good contact, then the starter motor will bind or move slower. This may even result in a grinding. Secondly with a voltmeter you can test the voltage available to the starter and see if it is receiving the full 12 volts. If it is not, then you may have a bad wire, a loose connection, a dirty connection, an issue with the starting system, or a bad ground. If it is, then you want to look deeper into the alignment of the starter, and check if it was a re-manufactured replacement part. After you rule out a faulty starter you can then resort to the timing and other sensors. For more diagnostic help, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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