I have a oil leak looks to be coming from a small opening...

I have a oil leak looks to be coming from a small opening on the engine, i just need to connect with someone to send them a video or photo so I can know what part to purchase ...

I have a oil leak looks to be coming from a small opening on the engine, i just need to connect with someone to send them a video or photo so I can know what part to purchase

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Hello, my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I will be helping you with your question today. I've been working on VWs for over 30 years now, so I should be able to help you through this. Please understand that some of my suggestions may require special diagnostic tools and equipment that many home mechanics may not have, but are often required. So, my first question is whether you're planning on performing your own repairs, or are you wanting to be armed with information before bringing it into your mechanic? **Also, the site automatically prompts for a phone call. It's very rare that I'm available by phone, so let's hold off on that for now. If needed after we exchange some information, I will do my best to take the time for the call.** So yep, if you want to upload a video to youtube, or attach it to your response here, I'll take a look at it.

I want to get the parts and have a ballpark repair cost so they mechanics wont get over on me.

Thanks for helping btw I appreciate it
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Ok, few moments please. I killed the other session you started now that we have the video here

Ok My apologies
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Odd, I'm not really seeing an oil leak in this video. Engine looks pretty dry from this.

It drips down to the driveway and thats the only thing I see wetness coming from
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And it's definitely oil? Not coolant?

I literally just had my coolant hose fixed so its possible however that puddle you can barely see from the video was there before the hose brokeLast time with a mechanic he informed me it was definitely oil
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How long ago, or shall I say how many miles ago was the coolant leak fixed?

1 mile ago lol
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Ok, that could absolutely be residual coolant that's been sitting on top of the transmission if it was the cooling hose flange at the rear of the cylinder head that was replaced.

Okay thanks alot
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Sure thing. If it seems to persist, or if you definitely find that it's oil, lets see if you can get some more detailed pictures. It's just that oil leaks are not overly common at that area on a TSI/TFSI engine.

Okay will do
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