Q: Turbo oil leak - air filter intake

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From Australia and have a 2012 holden captiva 2.2L diesel turbo. Purchased couple days ago but never noticed some gunked up oil around the air filter inlet hose to the turbo(it's around the turbo casing). I wiped most of it off to see if its a recent and on going leak.

How can I tell if something is wrong with the turbo, what will cause this oil gunk.

Should I take off the air filter pipe and see if there is a buildup of oil around the lining, if so is this something to worry about?

My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there:

Although we don’t see may of these vehicles here in the United States, on your 20102 Chevrolet Captiva Sport and most four-cylinder turbocharged vehicles; there are multiple oil seals that can wear out on the turbo, the fuel injector and the intake manifold. When oil leaks from these seals, it collects with dirt and dust that is always present under the hood of a vehicle to create that "sludge". You might want to remove the air intake an inspect the housing to see if you have a lot of oil build-up. The best thing for you to do is contact a local professional mechanic to complete an oil leak inspection to determine where the leak is coming from so they can recommend the right repairs.

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