Q: told angle sensor has a short in it by a certified jeep repair shop.

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I was told my steering angle sensor has a short in it. When ever I first start driving it will randomly lose power to gas pedal and there is a grinding sound. Then when the abs light comes on it stops doing it all together. The repair shop is certified in jeep repairs. So I trust what they are telling me. The issue is that it has gotten worse since I had the recalls taken care of. Is there anyway I can disable the steering angle sensor until I can afford to pay $715 for them to replace the sensor?

Mechanics cannot advise members of the public to disable designed in safety features on a motor vehicle. If anyone is assisting you in disabling, or creating a work-around to, a vehicle safety feature, that is a guaranteed path to problems, is extremely unwise, unethical, and also creates legal responsibility for the shop (or mechanic) should you get involved in a crash. There is only one solution when an essential part on a motor vehicle fails: replace it, and replace it according to the instructions in the Factory Service Manual. As far as the steering angle sensor is concerned, the only way for you to make a determination as to the status of that part is to ask the Mechanic to demonstrate to you, on a factory scan tool, the sensor output. If they are unwilling to do that for you, or incapable of doing it and explaining the scan tool results to you, then you should find a mechanic who is more interested and conscientious. You should ALWAYS request tangible evidence of a part failure and nowadays that is easy for Mechanics to provide if they really desire to help you and minimize YOUR costs.

Loss of engine power and unusual noises are not typically associated with a failure of the steering angle sensor and those issues may merely be coincidental to the sensor failure (if it has failed). Failure of the sensor usually only implicates steering feedback and control. If the cost of replacement is dissuading you from getting it repaired, I suggest you request a quote from YourMechanic because the cost of having the sensor replaced on a mobile basis is likely much less than what you have been quoted. Simply go to YourMechanic’s steering angle replacement service page and input your vehicle data. You will get a firm written quote. As before, prior to replacement, be sure you get tangible evidence of sensor failure. Alternatively, and in anticipation of having the sensor replaced, simply go back to the shop and ask them to demonstrate, on a scan tool, that the sensor is actually not working. As far as the engine loss of power issue, once the issue with the sensor is resolved, that issue if it remains will have to be evaluated further. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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