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Q: Stalls intermittently when making left/pushing down on turn signal

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My wife drives a 2016 GMC Terrain Denali. It has about 12000 miles on it. Intermittently when she is pushes down on the left turn signal the vehicle stalls. The car goes completely dead. Dash lights and everything she says turns off. The problem is so intermittent that sometimes it may happen once a month and then go a couple of months without doing it.

I have asked my wife what other variables exist when this happens and she could only recall the radio being on when this occurs.

My wife is getting scared to drive this car. This is our third GMC and we love them.

We have taken it back to our GMC dealer several times. They are trying hard to duplicate the issue but no luck yet.

My car has 12000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello there. I experienced a similar situation a few years ago with a Chevrolet Suburban. In that case, the cause was an electrical fault within the steering column and the turn signal switch. When the switch was pushed upward (to make the right turn), it pinched an ignition wire and created a brief electrical short; which disabled the ignition system. We found this problem while replacing a ignition lock cylinder after the owner lost their car keys; so it was sheer luck to be honest. This was an older Suburban so it’s unlikely that your newer GMC is experiencing a similar problem, but it may be a possibility. With only 12,000 miles, this should be covered under your warranty, so I would try to work with the dealership to resolve this issue as it could be a serious safety and possible liability problem.

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