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Q: 2006 Honda Pilot EXL-Navigation; 100K miles.

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Hi. I need timing belt, water pump, gasket, and serpentine belt replacement for my 2006 Honda Pilot EXL. If any money is left (and replacement required), I would also like to replace the "belts & hoses". I would also like to replace the spark plugs and cables. Is it possible to get all this done for $1000 without compromising on quality parts, and I can buy them on ebay/amazon/autozone? The truck runs great and has no issues, but these are preventive maintenance to be done. Please advise. Thanks!

My car has 101000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. In general, the parts for these services you’re looking for can be purchased for around $500 (as long as you don’t go to the dealership). However, I would recommend not purchasing them from E-Bay or Amazon. If you are going to complete these repairs on your own, it’s best to purchase parts from a local auto parts store; so that if they are the wrong size or application, you can easily return them and get the right parts. If you need a professional mechanic to complete these services for you, feel free to start this process by requesting a quote for the water pump replacement; as this would likely be the most expensive one to complete. Once you are communicating directly with the sales department, you can put together a repair package that will resolve all these issues.

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