Q: Should you start a vehicle with low oil pressure light on?

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I was driving and low oil pressure stop engine came on and the vehicle stopped immediately. I had it towed to a gm mechanic and they said they started the vehicle and ran it for a few minutes until it had shut off. They then said they took off the oil pan and the oil pump failed and there was scoring and metal shavings. Should they have started the vehicle knowing the low oil pressure light was on and did they cause the scoring damage? The vehicle shut off immediately when the light came on while I was driving at about 30mph, I don’t believe it would have been damaged from that and now they want 6,000 for a new motor. Please help

My car has 60000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Josh. Thanks for sending in your question today. Generally speaking, it’s common to start a vehicle with a low oil pressure reading to determine the source of the oiling issue. It’s more likely that the metal shavings were preexisting - as it typically takes extended engine (like more than 5 minutes of operation) to create enough friction and heat to cause the metal to metal damage. This is likely what caused your engine to shut off while driving. I don’t think the mechanic is at fault in this case.

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