Q: Right rear wheel speed sensor codes

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OK I bought this truck almost a month ago and everything was great. Now it has started to act up and it will throw codes for a wheel speed sensor and my abs light is on along with my esp light it also flashes abs/esp and service 4wd on my dash readout. So I naturally replaced the sensor and it went away. Well now it came back and I'm not sure what is going on. The second time it came back it was in unison with depressing the brake pedal. When I was driving the dash lights would be on and when I would depress the brake they would go off. Now the lights just stay on. Also my cruise only works between speeds of 62 and 70. The codes I'm getting are u1418, c1020, c102b, and c1032. I'm wondering if it couldn't be the tipm because my tpms light is on and my dealer said that the cause of that had to do with the tpim. Any help would be great.

My car has 167000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. It’s possible that the TPMS is the source of your error codes and trouble’s you’re experiencing. However, it’s also quite possible that the electrical harness connected to your ABS light is faulty; which could also illuminate the trouble code indicators. I’d recommend checking the TPMS or have a professional tire service center complete that for you. Also, check the ABS connections and the control module for faults.

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