Q: My car won't start but it's not the alternator or battery

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my 2006 ford focus zx3 has been refusing to start, particularly after not being driven for about a day. it first refused to start after a cold front, but i got it working and it hesitated to turn over the next few times after that. then, a couple of days ago it would not start at all. i let it sit for a couple of days trying to start it about twice a day. it makes a rapid clicking noise when i turn the ignition and several warning lights come on. after several attempts the clicking will stop completely. i was able to get it going with a jumpstart today and it runs fine and will drive reliably after that, so i thought it might be the battery. however, i got the battery and alternator tested this morning and they both have good readings. i got a vague, unsure suggestion from two different auto places (firestone and jiffylube) that it might be my ignition, but why would a jumpstart help that? very confused and would just like to have a reliable vehicle again.

My car has 180000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The problem sounds like a loose connection in the fuse box to battery cable connections. Check the cables for loose or corroded connections at battery clamps and ground connections on body and engine. If problem continues then have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic to come and do voltage drop tests to find the weak connections for you.

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