Q: Are the variable valve timing solenoid and the camshaft sensor the same?

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My care has miss fire issues, car is shaking as well with the check egine light sitting on and some times blinking on/off. Codes like p0017, p0036, p0300, p0128, p0140, p0141by pepboys and p0017/p0036 by another machanic. Pepboys replaced the variable valve timing soleniod and put in not engine light may come back on becase a camshaft may be need. Left with the same problem he told me to bring it back so he could put it on the scanner on next week Thursday because his scanner is broke. It was shaking worser with ongoing worser shakes when miss firing I could not pick up any speed. When I asked if it would futher damage the car by driving it he said it was ok to drive. I decided to take it to another pepboys location so they could scan it and finish the wk there. They told me he did not diagnose it right and he did another diagnostic and said it was nothing wrong with my camshaft but told me a lot of other stuff was wrong with it. I dont think either one of them know.

My car has 130000 miles.
My car's transmission is unknown to me.

Hello. The variable valve timing and the camshaft position sensor are two separate sensors. The camshaft position sensor is more towards the front of the engine and is a lot easier to replace. The variable valve timing sensor is a little more difficult because the power steering pump will have to be removed to take out the long sensor which extends about three inches inside of the engine. The variable valve timing sensor being bad is likely the cause for code P0017 and p0300. On your vehicle the variable valve timing sensor has screens(filters) on the shaft of it which is meant to direct oil flow and help regulate engine timing. Oftentimes the screens will get get clogged up or the internal parts of the sensor will go bad. Some attempt to clean the screen of blockages to fix the problem but it is best to replace the sensor all together. Codes p0036, p0140, and p0141 all indicate that you have a bad oxygen sensor which is bank 1 sensor 2. Replacing the oxygen sensor should fix sensor codes unless it’s a problem with the related wiring. The last check engine code you have p0128 it’s coolant temperature below regulating temperature. That could be a bad thermostat, low coolant, or maybe a bad coolant temperature sensor. I have honestly heard more bad than good about Pep Boys. You may benefit from the service we provide in which you are able to choose a one of our mobile technicians to help diagnose and fix your vehicle.

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