Q: White smoke coming from engine after car is turned off

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White smoke coming from engine. Had the gasket replaced November 2016. Still having the same issue. More frequent now then before the gasket was changed. I live about 1.5 miles from job. Starts smoking after I turn car off. It smells like it's burnt. What could be the problem.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The symptoms you are having are classic of a failed head gasket. While it can be expensive and time consuming to check the condition of the new head gasket, it is very possible it was installed poorly. There are two common mistakes made when installing them, which are over tightening the head bolts, and not properly prepping the area for the new gasket (the old gasket must be completely removed and the marrying surfaces perfectly clean). There are no other ways the coolant can be getting into the combustion chambers and be seen coming from the exhaust, unless there is major interior damage (like a cracked block) which may be even harder to find. For more help with this unfortunate issue, contact our service department. You may also want to contact the previous technician and explain the issue in case of a warranty.

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