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Q: If My Windows Are Manual , Is It Possible To Convert Them To Power Windows ?

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I'm Trying To Convert My Two Back Windows To Power Windows

There is a saying when it comes to modifying cars: "Anything can be done if your pockets are deep enough." Power windows may seem like a simple function, but there will be a lot of parts and labor involved. Electric motors. The window regulators (lift mechanism) may be different from manual windows and may also require purchase of the correct ones. Switches for the rear doors along with a new master window switch for the driver’s door. Along that line, door trim panels will have to be replaced or modified to fit the switches. Proper wiring to each window motor and switch. Relays. Wiring properly to the fuse box, etc. It all can be done if you have the time and money. Your best bet is to find a friendly, helpful parts man at your local Ford dealer.He/she should be able to look up all the correct part numbers for all the required parts in a power-window-equipped vehicle, then compare them to your manual equipped vehicle. That way you will know what parts can be re-purposed for electric window use - like the window regulators. Also, salvage yards may be a place to check.

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