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I have a 2006 acura mdx with 164000 miles. The radiator has been replaced within the last 3 weeks. Two days after the radiator was replaced we drove the car from the South end of Denver to Grand Junction. As we started up I-70 from Morrison as I started to accelerated and gain altitude white smoke came from the back of the car (exhaust) for 5 -10 seconds. The car did not loose any power or run rough. No gages or lights came on to indicate a problem. It continued to run well. I happened two more times as I was accelerating and gaining altitude before Silverthorn. We stopped after the first time to see if anything was leaking, we did not see anything. We also stopped in Silverthorn and did not see anything wrong or leaking. We got to Grand Junction without any further incident. My daughter has driven the car short distances without any issue. Today they went to the Monument for a hike, upon leaving when the started the car it blew white smoke at first. The car ran fine.

My car has 164000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

White smoke usually means coolant is burning. In your case it may be getting into the engine through an intake gasket or a head gasket. I’ve seen occasions where a gasket might leak under certain conditions, hot cold, high pressure, low pressure, but not others so what you get is occasional puffs of white smoke. You should have this checked out soon in order to head off any more serious damage. You can contact YourMechanic to have a technician come out to your home or office to check out your smoking Acura and recommend a fix.

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