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Q: Engine with replaced head using a lot of oil

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Back in Feburary my car overheated needed head replaced. So had this and other related done to it (Radiator,timing belt,PCV Valve, Safety vent cap, oil filter and oil) $1868.45. Two months later. Car had check engine light and was hesitating. Code said cylinder 4 misfire. Told need spark plugs. $103.74. Two months after that, I noticed that car was leaking a lot of oil. Took it back was told the head he bought and installed was not sealed by person he bought it from. So he said he fixed the issue free of charge. Two months later took it back in. Was using a lot of oil. Said using a lot of oil because oil was old. Need oil change and PCV grommet broke. Paid. Two months later. Check engine light back on. Using 1 quart of oil a week. Said needed spark plugs oil change and put power punch in it to stop oil usage. Says engine seals bad need engine rebuild. Did driving four months with unsealed engine cause this? Was it ever fixed? Being scammed?

My car has 140000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. One of the biggest problems that happens during overheating is that additional damage to internal engine components caused by the head gasket being damaged. Although a professional mechanic is trained to inspect all components that could be impacted, more often than not, repairs are missed. It’s quite possible that your excessive oil consumption is caused by valve guides or piston rings that have been damaged due to the overheating problem. The only way to determine this however, is through a detailed engine inspection, which might end up costing more money than the 2000 Kia Sportage is worth.

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