Q: Driver and Passenger doors won't lock, but I hear them click and see the locks twitch.

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My car has four doors. The key-fob will unlock and lock the back two passenger doors, but not the drivers side door, nor the front passenger door.

When I click the fob or on the lock switches (all 4 will do this) in my car the front 2 door locks will make a clicking sound and I will see them twitch a little, but they won't actually lock. There is a way to manually lock and unlock the driver side door from the outside with my car key and that works fine, and I can manually lock both doors by flipping the locks by hand.

I don't think a fuse is blown and I am praying that I don't have to replace both door actuators. As the doors do respond somewhat to the switches and fob I am hoping it is just a bad connection. What do you think?

(Honestly, I know nothing about cars. I got this far by googling my questions and reading a ton of articles so your guess is much better than mine.)

My car has 85000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If the same problem is happening even when you use the inside door lock switch then the most likely cause of the locks not moving is going to be weak actuators. You should replace the drivers lock actuator first since it is used the most and you will see it fixes the problem. Then you can replace the other doors as needed.

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