Q: Does a bad oxygen sensor make the car slower when in full throttle ?

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I dont know whats wrong with my car i used to race with my friend and i usually win but now after a while when i race him he wins. I have a stage 1 apr mk7 gti and when the mechanic scanned it says i have a bad oxygen sensor. Is it possible that a bad oxygen sensor make the car slower ? And if i replace to a new one will my car be normal again and fast like before ? Or are there any issues that maks my car slower?

My car has 60 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. It depends on whether or not you are racing your friend on a NHRA sanctioned Drag Strip or illegally on the street as to whether or not the O2 sensor is causing you to be slow. If you’re racing on the street, the O2 sensor is fine and has no impact. If you are racing on the drag strip; yes - a faulty O2 sensor will cause poor engine performance, reduced fuel economy and other problems. Two pieces of advice from a Licensed NHRA Drag Racer, first, KEEP IT ON THE TRACK; not the street. Second, have a professional mechanic complete a check engine light inspection to tell you what O2 sensor is faulty, have it replaced and reset all error codes.

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