Q: Does a 2007 Ford 500 limted have a top gasket cover? I was told small oil leak, and that this is the issue? how much in labor and

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I have a Ford 500 Limited and I recently took it in for an oil change and was told that the car has oil underneath, however, there is not any oil in the driveway and the dash board oil light does not come on, another mechanic told me it is the top oil gasket cover that is causing the small leak of oil on top, is why I don't see it on the driveway. Is this accurate? It is a 2007 model. What price with parts and labor am I looking at spending?

My car has 92714 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Most likely, they are referring to the valve cover gaskets. In a sense, the valve covers are the ’top covers" of the engine. Since they are located at the top of the engine, they certainly can be leaking and not have any oil hit the ground. It will work it’s way down the sides of the engine and will eventually make it to the bottom of the engine. Typically valve cover gaskets will seep oil. Short of some sort of catastrophic failure, they will not leak badly enough that your oil level will drop to the point of turning your oil light on. They seep enough oil to be visible and maybe give you a burning oil smell as it heats up on the outside of the engine block. Click here to view our quote page. Enter your information and one of our customer service representatives will contact you shorty with an estimate.

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