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freeway. 65. wanted to speed up a bit and engine revved up but did not accelerate. went to pull over. as soon as i stopped car died. also overheated. idk if related. water was empty. couldnt fill it. came out faster than i could fill. oil seems kinda milky looking? feels weird. doesnt taste or smell like antifreeze. car sat untouched and unstarted for a year. drove it for about 100 miles and then this happens now crank but no start

My car has 166611 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello there a few different faults will cause your 1996 Ford Taurus to die at freeway speeds and no restart. When the oil is milky this is a clear indication that coolant and oil are mixing. The engine should be be ran at all or started when this occurs as it can cause extensive damage. In cases where the oil has turned milky it is likely the head gasket is leaking. The head gaskets seal the cylinder head to the engine block, and when leaks occur it can allow the coolant passages to leak into the cylinders. A qualified Technician such as one from YourMechanic will be able to inspect your vehicle and determine if the head gaskets are the cause of the issue.

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