Q: I lost control of the steering of my car at 10 km an hour on a slight curve.

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As above so scary so sudden in a split second can I trust the car again if they don't find any issues with the steering at the garage?

My car has 120000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You most likely experienced a temporary loss of power assist to your steering. There is still a connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels, but the hydraulic assist can go away leaving you with a steering wheel that is very hard to turn. If you had been traveling at speed when this happened, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed it as the wheel is much easier to turn at highway speeds. First you want to make sure the system is full of fresh fluid and doesn’t have any leaks. Then you want to check the drive belt to make sure it isn’t slipping. If you don’t find any issues there, the problem might be more complicated than that, requiring replacement of a rack or steering pump.You can have this checked out by contacting Your Mechanic. They will send a technician out to your home or office to check out your power steering and let you know what it is going to take to fix the problem. Meanwhile, if it occurs again don’t panic, just grip the wheel tightly and put a little muscle into it and you will find that you still have control of the car.

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