My caddy ats 2013 just started chugging while driving the...

My caddy ats 2013 just started chugging while driving then stopped I was low on fuel so I figured maybe some kind of water got into the gas so I filled up drove out and it drove fine is that about 30 seconds later it started chugg...

My caddy ats 2013 just started chugging while driving then stopped I was low on fuel so I figured maybe some kind of water got into the gas so I filled up drove out and it drove fine is that about 30 seconds later it started chugging again and all traction control lights in engine light started blinking at me hard-core my carHas only 100,000 K on it what would be the problem Mechanic's Assistant: Do you know the code? Did you check the fuses? I don’t I barely made it home. I lost Acceleration as well Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your ATS yourself? What have you tried so far? I literally just happened 45 minutes ago haven’t tried anything and no I don’t fix my own car

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Hi! Matt Hope I can help sorry to hear about your car sounds like a misfire if blinking I would try a good fuel additive and also have the codes inspected first most auto parts stores will check the codes for free like auto zone , let me know Thank you Roy! you could also have a bad sensor if the lights are coming on just text me back

Yeah the lights inside just went off like a Christmas tree do you think it could have something to do with possibly fuel filter or most likely a sensor because it ran perfectly prior to getting into it tonight on my way home from work. As I said it only has 100 km just under actually but I know I have to have the codes read do you know what do you think this is a huge issue or somethings minor meaning not the engine or transmission or something like that
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Its hard to say for sure that is why you need to check the codes first , it could be a sensor or bad fuel also . I don't think its a major issue

I thought bad fuel at first because I was on empty light but I just filled it up it ran fine and then it happened again
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If no codes I would try a good fuel additive like heat

Ok thanks. What heat is it like fuel injector cleaner or I can octane booster or something like that
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Heet removes water so it can burn

Oh ok it was pretty cold here today minus 5 Celsius and I was on low gas so it could've been condensation and they did sit for 12 and change hours today.That actually sounds probably what it was since it has not done this before and I was on empty and it was really cold today. Don't really wanna drive it though since I almost didn't make it home tonight.
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Okay sounds cold I would try that

How long does it take for that heat to work just put it in and turn it on and let it do it's thingOr do I have to drive it still want to have the sensors read to see if it's something else
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it mixes around with the fuel should help right away once it mixes yes still have the codes checked also

OK thank you kindly I'm gonna try that out and also have the codes checked out you're awesome thanks dude have a nice night
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Sorry one more question would it Still be an issue since I just filled it up? Would that not take away any little condensation that might've built up in the tankI will give you a review
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Thanks again!

Hi, Roy was great and very knowledgable I appreciate all that he has told me. I’m sorry about the no tip but it’s Christmas time and I haven’t been working much. But Roy was amazing and the next time I use this service I will be asking for Roy and I will be tipping. f\*\*k you Covid!!!
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Thanks again and Merry Christmas !

I give you 6 Stars
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You as well hope you and your family are healthy happy your avery good guy and honestly I will have another question for you send I will make up for not having a tip on this guy I apologize I just I don't have the extra cash right nowWhere are you?Live wise
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No problem just ask for me I will be happy to help , in Oregon

Nice Merry Christmas and be safe Bud!!It's almost over. Here in Canada they say we should be herd immune by May
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