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The AC is not cooling. I went to a AC mechanic and after the check out, they said the condenser and vacuum have to be replaced and filled (vacuum). However, I went to another mechanic to scan the car (yaris 2008 sedan) to detect an issue with the check engine light. In this scan it shows fault on code B1412 Ambient temperature sensor and B1423 Open in pressure sensor circuit/abnormal refrigerant pressure. The question is:

Are these codes telling me the main reason why the AC is not cooling or in fact I have to replace the condenser and vacuum as the other mechanic diagnosed before?

Thank you so much for your valuable opinion.

My car has 68040 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there:

Error codes are created when the sensors designed to monitor components detects an error in the system; or are faulty themselves. They are used as a tool or guide to provide a professional mechanic with a starting point in which to begin the diagnosis process. In your example, the error code indicates that there is a problem with the controls of the AC system; however, it’s also possible that you have mechanical defects (as the original mechanic indicated). It’s quite possible for multiple components of the AC system to become broken at the same time or to display similar symptoms. Without being there to physically inspect your Toyota, it’s hard to tell you which is right; but it’s possible that both need to be repaired.

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