Q: Why is my car act like it's in limb mode

asked by on January 25, 2017

Traction control service comes on and the check engine light flashes..Codes po300 and co561..Acts like it's in limp mode dogs power I've changed the wires the coil pack don't know what else it is and it seems noone knows what it could be

My car has 190000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The P0300 code is for a misfire condition with the engine. This code is typically set when the computer can’t determine which individual cylinder the miss is occurring with, or if it is a multiple cylinder misfire. Otherwise, the computer would set a code that relates to an individual cylinder. The C0561 relates to the traction control system, and is more than likely the cause for the traction control system warning light, that may be set by the cause of the P0300 code, also. There are several possible causes for a misfire in an engine, and the number of miles on your vehicle means that it really could be any of them. It could be caused by a faulty spark plug, bad coil or wire, faulty piston rings, valve or valve spring problems, worn camshaft, faulty fuel injectors, or something as simple as a failed sensor. Unfortunately, it will require further diagnostics to determine where the problem lies, and what system is being effected. It will need to be determined whether it is a problem with the fuel supply, the ignition system, or if it is a compression related problem. If this is something you need a hand in determining and/or repairing, contact a certified mechanic, like those available at YourMechanic.com.

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