Q: When I accelerate, loud ticking noise at low rpm, car jerks and stutters. It goes away at higher rpms.

asked by on December 10, 2016

Car makes loud noise on acceleration, low rpm. Stutters and jerks lightly. Needed to drive it home, on highway noise goes away at higher rpms. Had it on cruise control, noise went away but misfired regularly. Autozone coded my o2 sensors and misfired in 4 different cylinders. Need advice badly

My car has 170000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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The misfiring could be ignition or fuel related. If the plugs have not been replaced, on the timetable set forth in the maintenance schedule, that is certainly one possibly. Also, the plug wires could be tested. Diagnostic Trouble codes that "refer" to oxygen sensors do not always set because the sensor itself is bad. Lots of other faults can cause those codes. Oxygen sensors should be tested for function prior to being condemned on the basis of a "code" but if yours are original, and thus have 170,000 miles, it would not be unreasonable to replace them as part of the diagnostic and repair (and, of course, replacement may resolve part of the issue you are having). Codes related to any misfiring need to be scanned by a Mechanic and evaluated. If there are no such codes, a scope should be used to look at the firing patterns in the cylinders to infer where the fault lies. The ticking noise is probably related to the valve train. One possibility is low oil pressure and such is tested with a pressure gauge. I recommend you request a misfiring diagnostic to get that problem resolved as it is the most basic and then deal with the Codes referencing the O2 sensor(s) and finally the noise.

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