Q: When front axle cv shaft is repaired does it come with cv boot

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When front axle cv shaft is repaired does it come with cv boot replacement

My car has 187 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

There are a couple basic scenarios when it comes to CV axle repair or replacement. If you have a torn boot on the vehicle, and it has not been torn for long and thus the CV joint is not yet damaged or full of road dirt, it is possible to just replace the boot. Usually the axle will have to be removed from the vehicle to do boot replacement properly. Another common scenario is a CV joint (often outboard) is faulty (broken or worn out) and regardless of the condition of the rubber boot, the most economical thing to do is just replace the whole CV axle. Of course, in that scenario, the new (or often rebuilt) axle will have all new rubber boots. So, to answer your basic question, yes, no matter how the repair to the axle, or individual CV joints, is carried out, your vehicle will have new boots on the CV joints, if work is done on an "axle". Note that if axles are removed from the transmission for repair or replacement, it is preferred to install new axle seals in the transmission because if you attempt to re-use the old seals you run the risk of transmission fluid leaks. Installing new seals is good cheap insurance against leaks down the road.

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