Q: Service engine soon. Light not blinking. Diagnostics engine head radiator hot. I see no problems no overheating?

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Serpentine belt replaced. Mechanic replaced it and checked all the fluids and tested. I drove off and the check engine light came on solid red light on blinking. Drove into Advanced Auto diagnostics was overheated radiator and head. When I checked I found no problems overheating and the truck was running just fine tested it for about 30-40 miles. Do I need to take it back to the mechanic?

My car has 88000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. Thank you for writing in. It would be beneficial to have the diagnostic codes that were pulled from the scan. Have you checked the level of the coolant? You should start there. Make sure that the thermostat is completely submerged as it will not give you an accurate reading if the coolant level is low. It is possible for the engine to consume the coolant and you would not see any signs of a leak. You may see white smoke or steam if this is the case. Also make sure that the radiator cap is on tightly and securely. If the belt is slipping on the water pump, then there will be poor circulation of coolant and overheating could be an issue. Due to the recent belt work, and the role the belts play in the cooling system, double check that system as well. Check the belt for excess play with the vehicle off, and then turn on the vehicle and observe the belts. You should be able to reset the codes and see if it triggers again. Make sure no sensors have been knocked loose in the process. Check the listed components and take further diagnosis from there.

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