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Q: Scrapping sound whilst revving the engine

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The car is making a scrapping sound when driving along but doesn't seem to be making it in second gear, only first and third. It is also stalling itself. I realised the engine oil was low and refilled it, however it is still making a scrapping noise and won't drive for long.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Noise that appears to be related to gear position could be due to internal transmission, or torque converter faults, however the noise could originate elsewhere simply because "gearing" changes the load on the engine. That, the change in loading, can itself cause noise in the engine itself. Basically, in a circumstance like this, a certified mechanic has to hear the noise firsthand to determine its source. The "kind" of noise you are describing though, and the circumstances, strikes me as likely to be "sourced" readily based on up close observation. Consequently, I would simply recommend that you request a noise diagnostic during which a certified mechanic will identify the source and then give you at least an initial estimate of whether it will be costly to fix or not. Obviously, if an internal transmission part is causing noise, that can be costly to repair. Stalling is an engine management issue and should be diagnosed in a stalling diagnostic. Please let us know how we can assist you further to the end of getting these issues that you have written in about resolved.

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