Q: Can I use a 97 Mustang rear differential on 02 gt Mustang?

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i was wanting to know i have found a 97 v6 mustang rear end and i was needing to know if i could use it on my 02 gt mustang i bent up one side on my rear in n needing to change it out

Hi there. For the year 1997, there are 6 different gear ratios used for the differentials and in the year 2002 there are 2 different gear ratios used for the differentials on the Mustangs. I recommend checking the gear ratio by counting the teeth on the ring gear and the teeth on the pinion gear and divide them to get the ratio.
The ratio’s used on the 1997 Ford Mustang are:

  • 2.26
  • 2.47
  • 2.73
  • 3.08
  • 3.27
  • 3.45

The ratio’s used on the 2002 Ford Mustang are:

  • 3.27
  • 3.55

If your vehicle has the ration of 3.27, you could have a direct match, however, if your vehicle has 3.55, then you will have to either get another axle for your car if you want a direct match or settle for a lower gear ratio. A lower gear ratio will make the vehicle go faster on the highway but slower when taking off. If you need further assistance with switching out your differential, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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