Q: No power stalling and very hard to accelerate because it surges and sputters

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It started about 2 weeks ago it had a p0340 code I replaced the cam sesnor and it was running better and now it has no power but when it's cold it has more then when at running temp it's hard to start sometimes stalls and when it does rev up around 4000 rpm it doesn't pull like it should at all I have changed oil cleaned the maf and throttle Body as well as the iac vavle any help would be appreciated thank you

My car has 148000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Jacob. Diagnosing an issue like this is best when you understand all of the possible sources of an OBD-II trouble code. When the signal to and from the camshaft position sensor and the PCM is broken, the ignition spark and fuel injector timing will fail and the PCM will store the P0340. This will trigger the illumination of the Check Engine Light. In most cases, the sensor itself is not the reason for the failure - it’s the harness. This can explain why when you replaced the sensor it worked for a while, but then had issues again. However, it’s also possible that you have multiple components contributing to the overall issue such as a vacuum leak, so you might want to have a professional mechanic complete an on-site inspection so they can get a big picture perspective.

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