I replaced the electronic throttle body On my 2014 Nissan...

I replaced the electronic throttle body On my 2014 Nissan Sentra. It is a barely used part. Does the relearn procedure need to be done? Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Sentra yourself? What have you tried so far?...

I replaced the electronic throttle body On my 2014 Nissan Sentra. It is a barely used part. Does the relearn procedure need to be done? Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Sentra yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes. Car had problem with accelerating. Really just didn’t get out of its own way. Unsafe to drive on the highway. Cleaned the throttle body And then there was ZERO acceleration the gas peddle did nothing ordered the replacement throttle body and same thing happening. Not sure if I need to do the relearn procedure on it? Mechanic's Assistant: Have you noticed an increase in fuel consumption? And how does the Sentra start—same as usual? Yes since the acceleration problem started. And yes it starts the same but since cleaning the throttle body the gas peddle does nothing but when you start it it revs up to 2000rpm and then goes back down but it starts ok just revs high for a second after the ECU was also replaced two weeks ago. I had my ecu replaced along time ago and I thought maybe that was problem, but I put new one in and nothing changed. Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? No that is it

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Good Afternoon, my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* ill be helping you, so sorry to hear about the issues here on the Sentra, i know how frustrating it can be to deal with electrical issues. Whenever a throttle body is replaced a relearn must be done. This is for the idle. throttle position and throttle closed relearn. if the issue continues and we already have the new ECU then we can begin to suspect a deeper electrical issue within the wiring harness, for now just do all 3 relearn procedures which i have attached below

I did the relearn procedures, replaced the MAF, cleaned the battery terminals, replacing the shift lock solenoid today for a seperate issue. Still same thing. When I start the car it is idling at 1000-1500 rpm. Put car in reverse or drive and it does 10 mph without touching the gas peddle. The gas peddle does nothing. Also hooked it up the an obdII that connects to my phone after idling for 5 minutes. After idling, with the engine off and key in on position the temp gauge on dash read normal, the app is showing the Engine temp to be 220 degrees Farenheit, just at the edge of the red zone. MAF shows 0.23 lb/min, battery 11.9v, O2 sensore 1 shows 0.00 volts, O2 sensor 2 is 0.28v, Boost is NEGATIVE 13.1. OBD II codes thrown are P0123, P0223, P2610, P0603. 2610 and 0603 have been there since before fixing anything. 0123 and 0223 are new since cleaning the original throttle body and still come back after replacing the throttle body.
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Very odd. With the new throttle body and doing the relearning we are likely dealing with a deeper electrical issue. I suspect a faulty ECM here at this point.

This is my 3rd ECM
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Verify the wiring to the ECM, May be a good idea to try and monitor engine data with the car idling. In your model the throttle is a simple circuit and completely controlled by the ECM so we need to verify that it’s getting signal from the throttle position and then relaying those signals to the throttle body, so let’s use a scan tool to monitor those inputs and then verify that wiring is okay as well.

Ok if I have the scan tool and start the car and let it idle, which info am I monitoring.
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Throttle position, accelerator pedal position, RPM. you also want to monitor what signal the ECM sends to the throttle body.

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