I noticed this morning that my car had this jack hammer t...

I noticed this morning that my car had this jack hammer type sound that seemed to increase with RPM. It happened again after work, but worse, and I’m worried it’s something bad. I recently had an oil change this year, but did driv...

I noticed this morning that my car had this jack hammer type sound that seemed to increase with RPM. It happened again after work, but worse, and I’m worried it’s something bad. I recently had an oil change this year, but did drive quite a bit. The sound is not exactly in sync Mechanic's Assistant: When was your last oil change? August of 2020 Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model of your '20 car? 2004 Infiniti g35 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your G35 yourself? What have you tried so far? I usually fix it but recently have not been able to work on it since moving into an apartment. I normally do my oil changes but this time I had someone else do it Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? I had a code for the camshaft sensor come up but have yet to fix it

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Hello, My name is\*\*\*\*\*'ve been working on cars since 1990, I have been a Just Answer expert since 2008. Thank you for contacting us for assistance with your vehicle. I will be happy to assist you. You will see an option to receive a phone call prompted by the website, you can agree to or decline. If you do not wish to use the Phone Service, we can continue chatting this way back and forth until you are satisfied with my help. Just keep in mind, it does take me time to respond. I am a Automotive Technician, I am not a fast typer. So lets get started.... Can I ask to whom I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

Jason Rabahieh
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Hello Jason, Nice to meet you! I am sorry to hear about this noise you are getting. I will do my best to help you with this. Can you tell me how often this happens?

It just started happening yesterday after coming back from California to Phoenix
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It makes this noise all the time now or does it come and go?

It gradually builds up. This morning it was only when accelerating and it would stop and after work it started shortly after starting my carBut was constant at that point
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I have seen exhaust leaks which can sound like this. Any chance you can take a video clip of the noise and upload it to You Tube and share the link with me so I can view and hear it?

Sure give me a minute
Automotive Expert

Automotive Expert
Thank you for that video. That is a timing chain rattle. So you most likely have a timing chain guide or tensioner causing this issue.

Is this caused by low oil? Cause I Change it every 3000 miles religiouslyAlso what would be the average cost?
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Was the car low on oil? You normally hear this when a tensioner or guide is going bad with the timing chains

It was a little low on oil. I'm gonna put some oil in and see what happens. I'm hoping it's okay because I never let it go low to the point where it would hurt the engine
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This is normally not due to engine oil level. What happens is that the timing chain tensioner can't hold pressure and it allows the chain to move to much and it makes that noise.

Dang :/ and do you have any idea what the costs are for it?
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It is around a 2000 dollar repair. It depends on the shop and parts used of course. But when I do timing chains, I don't like to go cheap. This is not the type of job you want to do again if a cheap part fails.

I really appreciate it. Thank you
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You're welcome and thank you for using JustAnswer.com Kind Regards, Jay!

Just so you know I added oil and it completely fixed it :)
Automotive Expert
That is good news.. The low oil level must have kept the chain tensioner from building enough pressure.

Thanks for all the help. I'm glad it got fixed
Automotive Expert
You are very welcome. Glad it was something simple

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