Q: Nissan Altima 06 rps go up and down and now it shuts down while driving.

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Hello, well everything started when i performed a tune up, i clean the throttle body with a special cleaner, everything was fine until i decided to disconnect the connections to remove it and clean it better, after that put it back just the way it was and rps started to go up and down. i drove the car like that since it was still running, but now i notice that the engine sounds week like a super old car it makes noises like is about to shut down, and well eventually it does if i'm driving and make a hard stop the car would shut down, sometimes i have to attempted to start multiple times until it starts. currently im using uber and will be taking my car to a mechanic which i dont trust but i have no other option, i wonder if any of you guy might have any ideas. i use my code reader and shows P0300 i already replace 2 or 3 coils spark plugs were changed few months ago like September or so oil keep going quick, car runs btw if i dont press the accelerator the car kind of slows down. ty al

My car has 210000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. It looks as if your Nissan is experiencing a random misfire issue; as this is what the P-0300 OBD-II trouble code typically indicates. If more than one cylinder misfires, this will increase or decrease the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the crankshaft. If that increase and/or decrease is more than 2 percent, the Powertrain Control Module will store the P0300 trouble code. This could be caused by one of the wires you disconnected; possible to a fuel injector or other component. I would recommend having one of our mobile mechanics come to your location and complete an engine is misfiring inspection first, before completing or attempting any repairs. This could be a very simple solution or something larger; so it might be best to get another pair of experienced hands to help out.

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