Q: My brake pads and rotators are uneven

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Today I changed the front brake pads and rotors on the front wheels only using original oem AC Delco pads and rotors. On the passenger side front I compressed the front caliper pistons too fast using a duel caliper piston tool. Then the piston dust boot for the piston on the right of the passenger side caliper came out a little when they were pushed back in. I couldn’t get the dust boot back in, so I reset the pistons anyway. I put it back together like nothing happened. I completed the driver’s side with no problems. I was sure to compress them slower then the passenger side caliper. I drove the truck home and everything seemed to be fine. But I am concerned that the right piston on the passenger side caliper may not press the brake pad all the way or even part of the way along with the other piston and therefore cause the inboard pad to wear unevenly. Can you please give me your ideas on this? Thank you.

Congratulations for using the right parts and being concerned about the details, especially when brakes are involved. I suggest you play it safe and have a technician inspect your brake pads and brake rotors. There is no substitute for an experienced set of eyes and hands that have performed many brake repairs.

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