I actually have a problem with my Motorcycle Fuel Injecti...

I actually have a problem with my Motorcycle Fuel Injection system; it seems that its not getting enough power to pass the fuel; would you be able to help? Mechanic's Assistant: Have you noticed an increase in fuel consump...

I actually have a problem with my Motorcycle Fuel Injection system; it seems that its not getting enough power to pass the fuel; would you be able to help? Mechanic's Assistant: Have you noticed an increase in fuel consumption? And how does the motorcycle start—same as usual? I cant start because the fuel is not passing through Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your bike? Husqvarna TE250; 2010 model Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your bike yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes; so far i check if the injector wasnt blocked and found it to be okay Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Nothing I can think of at the moment

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Does your fuel pump prime when you hit the start button?

Hi Chris, Hoping you received my reply via test message; anyway, Yes the pump does prime. I did check the injector for blockage but its clear and the works well when I test it outside but when I connect it back into the system, the fuel doesn't passes through. I suspected the Injector wasn't getting power and tried to test it with a 12V Test Lamp and it didn't lit but when I tested using a LED Test Lamp it does lights up so I'm suspecting the Injector isn't getting enough current and I'm not able to figure out what the problem could be? I tried to test the Relay as well and it seems to be working fine.What do you think the issue could be?Can I have your phone contact please so that I can call you.
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Do you have access to a volt meter? We can talk, but it'll be more beneficial to you if we do a few basic test first.

I brought 1 today
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Perfect. Set it to DC volts and disconnect the fuel injector. Then hit the start button to energize the fuel system, ignition system. Now, put your meter ground lead on the battery ground and your meter power lead on one of the pins in the injector plug. One of the pins should give you 12 volts give or take.Let me know what you find

Hi, did the test and I'm getting only 8 volts on one of the pins
Automotive Expert
What voltage are you getting at the battery?

I'm getting 12 Volts on the Battery
Automotive Expert
Perfect. Do you know where your fuses and relays are located?
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Pull the fuses and the relays and examine the pins for corrosion.

They all look Clean & Good; refer pictures attached
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They definitely look good. Give me a little bit and I'll get back to you with your next test.
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Okay, the backside of your power distribution relay will have 4 wires. I need you to ground the negative lead of your meter to the battery, and with the relay and fuses all in place you'll take your red meter lead and insert it into the back side of the power relay RED wire and give me the voltage reading (take reading after hitting the start button). I need the same reading on your RED/WHITE wire as well.

I'm getting the same voltage on the Red / White wire i.e. 11.8 volts when I turn on the ignition
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How about the RED wire?

Got 11.8 on Red wire as well
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Perform the same test on the fuse that has the RED/ORANGE wire and RED/WHITE wire going to it. Give me a voltage reading for both please.

I get 12 volts on both wire which drops to 11.8 volts when I turn on the ignotion
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But only 8 volts on the RED/ORANGE wire at the injector?
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Then you have an issue in your wiring harness. The RED/ORANGE wire on the injector ties directly into the RED/ORANGE wire coming off the fuse. If you have 12 volts at the fuse but only 8 at the injector you have corrosion or some other load somewhere along the wire.Do you know where your diagnostic port is located? If so, check the voltage at the RED/ORANGE wire.

I believe the diagnostic port is behind the head lamp cover?? please advise
Automotive Expert
Correct. It's number 31 on the picture I attached.

Ok Thanks, \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* sometime and I'll get back to you with the results after performing the test
Automotive Expert
Sounds good. Good luck.

Hi Chris, as messaged to you, I'm getting 12 volts at the diagnostic port and after cleaning the connections, now I'm getting 12 volts power supply at the Injector port also, however the injector solenoid is still not opening and I suspect the circuit is not getting completed. I traced the return wire and it goes into the ECU; please advise next stepHoping to hear from you sometime soon.
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The negative side of the fuel injector is controlled by the ecu. Let me checkout the manual and see what we need to test next.
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Find the kill switch on the left side handlebar. I've attached a picture. Now follow the wires from the switch until you make it to the connectors. There should be a 6 pin connector and a 3 pin.Disconnect the 6 pin connector and then check to see if your injector starts working.

Hi Chris, actual tried to start the bike without looking into removing the Kill Switch and it did start but the idle was to high as one of my mate turned it around when the starting problem started so I tried to turn it around to lower the idle and after turning of when I tried to re-start it was starting; can you please check and advise how to re-adjust the idle.I also rechecked the voltage at the injector and I was getting only 11.5 volts whereas the test on the battery gave me 12.5 volts; could that be the reason for not re-staring?what could be the reason for the voltage drop down?Correction to my message above "...after turning the idle screw when I tried to re-start it "didn't" start again.Hoping to hear from you sometime soon and your service provided so far is excellent and I'll definitely rate you as that once I'll get the bike going
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I've attached the instructions for setting the idle. As far as your voltage drop, .5 volts is fairly normal. Your 1 volt drop could be due to an additional connection issue. I'd try the idle adjustment, then check the connections you fixed to bring you voltage from the original 8 volts to the existing 11.5.

Hi Chris, well the bike started this morning without any issue and it was idling normally, however when I turned the throttle a bit; the idling went high and wasn't getting back to normal; I even tried to adjust the Idling as per instruction send by you but it did make any difference at all; Please advise what could the issue be?
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Does your throttle cable have free play/slack? How about your choke cable?

Hi Chris, sorry for late reply, I got my problem solved now; it seems that the issue was my Spark Plug Gap wasn't correct, we adjusted the gap and the engine is now idling properly and is tip start as well. Thanks for your Excellent Service and I'm hoping that you'll be available to provide your service to me again in future if needed.

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