Q: Light brown sludge in radiator and no coolant

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So one early morning on 1/6/17 at 4am 18°f outside driving to work 30 mile drive 5 miles left to get there i noticed my heater wasnt blowing hot air so i cranked it up one notch and then i checked my rear view mirror and noticed that it looked foggy behinde me but there was no fog infront then i came to a stop light and a huge cloud of smoke came passed me then i still needed half a mile to get to work then i parked it and left it running for about 30 second while i opened the hood and saw drips of something falling on my passenger side header then i turned it off later on lunch i saw a huge puddle of light brown sludge on the ground i checked the radiator and it had no water with sludge on the cap and on top of the inside of the radiator then checked the oil cap and it was normal then checked the dip stick also fine so i dont know wat it could be please email me at 956411p.garcia@gmail.com with you answer thank you

My car has 138000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The radiator having no coolant and oil in the coolant with the smoking out the exhaust is an indication you may have blown a head gasket or possibly the heater core broke and lost coolant then overheated the engine. Check engine oil to see if water is in oil as oil is in the radiator. If it is then you have blown head gaskets most likely. Have the cooling system tested for leaks. I recommended you do not drive the vehicle or more damaged can result.

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