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Q: I just got my 99 BMW 528i back had a transmission put in was running fine but out of nowhere when I put it in gear it's stallin

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Just got my car back. Had a transmission put it. Was running fine until yesterday when I put it in gear it's stalling I put in octane booster because it was sitting for like 4 months so figured bad gas runs when it's idle but stalls when in gear

My car has 217000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Stalling can be caused by a number of issues. A vacuum leak can be a cause. If during the repairs, a vacuum line was left loose or the air intake tube was cracked/damaged. Too much air can effect the air / fuel mixture and when the idle drops when shifting out of park, the engine can stall. Other components such as the idle air control valve and throttle position sensor can cause the same issue. Even if a fault code is not present for either, they can be slow or lag in their response. If they lag enough, the engine can stall before they can compensate for the idle drop when shifting out of Park. With the proper scan tools, a certified technician can look into the stalling to determine if fault codes are present or if any of the sensors are not responding correctly. A simple code reader does not give you actual sensor values.

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  • I just got my 99 BMW 528i back had a transmission put in was running fine but out of nowhere when I put it in gear it's stallin

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