Q: I hear metallic noises from front wheels while driving as well as a grinding when driving.

asked by on November 28, 2017

I’m not sure if this is a suspension or steering issue. I’m pretty sure I need new struts and plan to do that soon. My brake pads were replaced a bit ago. While driving it started with a sound like something hitting the wheel, like a card in bicycle spokes but then the grinding feeling started with the front end as well. I stop occasionally when noise is real bad but don’t see anything hitting or even signs of anything not sitting right. With the noise and now the grinding with almost a knocking in it I’m starting to worry that it’s much more than struts and may be becoming dangerous to drive. This happened less severely a few months back but then stopped. I figured it was struts and that I’d get to them when I had the time. It’s an old truck and I’m thinking it’s more serious now that the grinding/knocking started. The hitting noise started a few months back and came and went, and the grinding/knocking feeling started just a day or two ago.

My car has 151609 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You should have the front suspension and brakes checked to see if the suspension has worn bushings and the inner brake pads are worn out grinding metal to metal indicating the caliper slides are seized. Or you may have worn out wheel bearings. Either way you need to have a complete front end inspection.

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