Q: I have a crank no start issue. I'm not getting any spark

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I have a crank no start issue. My car cranks but it will not start. I have had the distributor cap and rotor replaced along with the ignition coil and my main relay under the steering wheel column. I am unsure what my next step should be. Everything else seems to be functioning as intended. My ignition turns and all the proper lights come on, everything cranks I'm just baffled by why there is no spark. My timing belt is not broken My car is a 1992 Acura integra rs with a b18a1 My car has 265000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

It seems like you have addressed the common culprits that can cause a no spark situation. However another component that is a common failure point in Acura / Honda products of that era is the ignitor. The ignition ignitor is responsible for controlling spark during cranking as well as can advance or retard ignition timing. It is not a component that gets replaced during routine maintenance. It’s one of those replace it when it’s broken components. Although you have replaced the other possible causes, have a certified technician look into the crank / no start condition to verify the exact cause and replace the ignitor if it’s determined to be the cause.

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